Cultural Change: Impact as cultural change- for whom and how?

Over the last decade many academic and practitioner efforts have been made to introduce “impact” into local, national and international science policy agendas. There are many different ways in which such agendas are being introduced, but often they require changes in management processes and culture. The nature of these changes also differs across countries. In this session we propose to focus on how different approaches to the impact agenda alter the role of the different stakeholders in the science policy process: scientists, policy-makers, the assessment agencies, and the users and beneficiaries of research results (like patients in the case of health sciences). Accelerating, promoting and enhancing impact is, for instance, involving shifts in the governance of research programs, with the introduction of “real time impact assessment” tools and the consequent change in evaluation culture. This session will bring together a diversity of angles and initiatives, with the ultimate goal of inspiring mutual learning, as we explore who the “impact agenda” is – or is not – working for.
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Friday 26 February | 2pm

Theme Moderator and Speaker