Frameworks Theme

This theme will focus on the issues described in the below section, and will aim to help participants: 

  • Learn more about the latest impact framework approaches developed by the Wellcome Trust, NIHR and NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Hear about their purposes, scope and uses, and identify similarities and differences
  • Discuss strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned

Over the last 5 years, in the research sector, we have seen a proliferation of systems or frameworks that monitor progress towards desired outcomes, evaluate contribution to impact and enable adaptive learning. A lot of this has been driven by research funders and is generally seen as a step in the right direction towards increased transparency, accountability and impact. However, this transformation presents its unique challenges. For example, sometimes it is difficult to develop research strategies that can be measured well and are supported by an organisational culture that ensures data and evidence is created and used to continuously reflect, learn and respond in a way that research transformative change.   

Moreover, funding can take a long time to produce an output, and even longer to generate impact. So, assessing contribution to health, policy or wider socio-economic changes requires going beyond bibliometrics and outputs tracking. It requires we identify specific and useful questions that can generate curiosity and drive change in practice as well as using a mix of methods and approaches that are better suited to deal with complex, long-term and systemic change.

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Takes Place

Friday 26 February | 10am

Theme Moderator and Speaker