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Impact Lens Podcasts

We have recorded 8 podcasts as two series of 4. Each of the two series will look at particular aspects of impact work from across the world.

The Four A’s

In 2018 Paula Adam, Kathryn Graham and Jonathan Grant et al published a paper in the journal Health Research Policy and Systems. The paper was a summary of the work of the International School on Research Impact Assessment and included a useful section on the purpose of impact assessment stating “Continuous reflection on the purposes of RIA and one’s relationship to the research being assessed helps refine the assessment questions and methodology. The purposes of RIA (research impact assessment) include advocacy, accountability, analysis and allocation” otherwise known as the four A’s. In this series of 4 podcasts interviewer Sana Zakaria will investigate each of the four purposes of assessment with a representative of the funding community. Sana has ten years of experience in academia and the public sector, spanning life sciences, health policy, impact and evaluation and strategy development. She has been leading on strategic evidence and impact development at the British Heart Foundation for the last 5 years and has recently been appointed as the Head of Impact at NIHR CCF.