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Policy Theme

The policy theme will focus on how research impact effects policy and policy effects impact strategy. The sessions will explore what do we actually want to achieve with impact assessment and discuss what have we learnt so far? Speakers and delegates will discus if and why there still exists a disconnect between research evidence, practice and policy and explore practical examples of evidence implementation and research impact to support better policy making. This theme will also explore current trends in research funding policy and discuss how changes in funding policy and practices can support a positive research culture.

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Shaun Leamon

Shaun Leamon is a research manager with over 15 years of experience in the design, commissioning and evaluation of research and grant programs to inform health and care practice and policy. Shaun currently works at the Health Foundation (https://www.health.org.uk/), where he is responsible for a number of large infrastructure grants designed to support a greater use of research knowledge and evidence in health and social care, and support the translation of evidence into policy and practice. Shaun also leads the Health Foundation’s Research Strategy and Operating Framework, designed to ensure the research funded by the Foundation is catalytic, of the highest quality, and adds value and impact by supporting a vibrant and flourishing research culture. Shaun sits on a number of UK advisory groups working in the field of research on research and is a member of a number of professional associations, including the UK Evaluation Society, the Charity Evaluation Working Group and the Association of Research Managers and Administrators.


Research impact – using what we know works to inform and support effective policymaking (and vice versa)

Friday 26 February |

The Great Debate – This House Believes That Funders Should Remove the Impact Sections From Their Application Forms

Friday 26 February |