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The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funds and supports world-leading clinical and applied health and social care research, as well as research infrastructure in the NHS. Providing over £1 billion of funding each year, NIHR aims to: 

  • drive the faster translation of new treatments, technologies and diagnostics to improve outcomes for health and care services; 
  • promote the wealth of the nation, including via inward investment from the health research community;
  • pull basic science discoveries through into tangible benefits for patients and the public; 
  • and provide research evidence to support more effective and cost-effective NHS delivery.

You can read more about our impact https://www.nihr.ac.uk/about-us/making-a-difference/our-impact-stories/ and the NIHR’s 10th anniversary https://www.nihr.ac.uk/documents/the-national-institute-for-health-research-at-10-years-an-impact-synthesis-100-impact-case-studies/12172

The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. Our aim is a healthier population, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. We learn what works to make people’s lives healthier and improve the health care system. From giving grants to those working at the front line to carrying out research and policy analysis, we shine a light on how to make successful change happen.

As the second largest endowed foundation in the UK focusing on health, we spend around £37m a year on improving health and health care. Our activities expand across five key strategic priorities, which can be accessed vis the following links:

A guide to our plans for 2021 can be found at https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/newsletter-features/an-insiders-guide-to-our-plans-for-2021

Wellcome supports science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone. More specifically, we are working towards a world in which: 

  • No one is held back by mental health problems. 
  • Global heating does not harm health in the communities it affects most. 
  • Escalating infectious diseases are under control in the communities most affected. 
  • Significant shifts in understanding lead to improved human health. 

Diversity and inclusion, and research culture, are central to our new strategy and will be embedded into the work we fund and do. 

Our strategy has been greatly informed by a review of the way Wellcome, as an independent foundation, supports science as well as the organisational-wide impact framework. For more details consult:




The Novo Nordisk Foundation has a dual objective: to provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group (of which Novo Nordisk A/S is that largest) and to support scientific, humanitarian and social purposes.

The history of the Foundation dates back to 1922, when Nobel Laureate August Krogh returned home to Denmark from Canada with permission to manufacture insulin in Scandinavia. This was the starting-point for developing world-class diabetes medicine and a Danish business and export venture. It also led to the establishment of several foundations that, many years later, merged into today’s Novo Nordisk Foundation.

With Denmark as its centre of gravity, the Foundation’s focus is to improve the lives of people through better health, education and the development of a knowledge-based sustainable society.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on three established values or cornerstones: Commitment, Quality and Respect. You can read more about these here: