Just Announced


Optimising Implementation for Impact

Moderator: Tamika Heiden (Research Impact Academy)
Speakers: Dr Anne-Maree Dowd (CSIRO), Professor Niki Ellis (NE & A Pty Ltd), Professor Gabriele Bammer (Australian National University)

Research impact – using what we know works to inform and support effective policymaking (and vice versa)

Moderator: Shaun Leamon
Speakers: James Wilsdon (University of Sheffield) Annette Boaz (London School of Health and Tropical Medicine)

Optimising Impact In Practice

Moderator: Jess Romo (Wellcome Trust)
Speakers: Jess Romo, Grace Sweeney (NHS England), Alison Tweed (NHS England), Anne River (National Institute for Health Research)

The Great Debate – This House Believes That Funders Should Remove the Impact Sections From Their Application Forms

Moderator: Shaun Leamon (Health Foundation)
Speakers: ‘Chair’ Professor Jonathan Grant (Kings College London), ‘Proposer’ Ian Viney (Medical Research Council), ‘Opposer’ Jude Fransmen (Open University)

Impact as Cultural Change – For Whom and How?

Moderator: Paula Adam (AQuAS)
Speakers: Derek Stewart (NUI Galway), Jordi Molas-Gallart (INGENIO-CSIC), Adam Kamenetzky (NIHR), Rafael Simó (Professor of Medicine & Endocrinology, Head of Endocrinology Department. Vall d’Hebron University Hospital)

If Implementation Goes Wrong – Lessons Learnt, Lessons Shared

Moderator: Gert V. Balling (Novo Nordisk Foundation)
Speakers: Georg Schütte (Volkswagen Foundation), Chonnettia Jones (Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research), Thomas Alslev Christensen (Novo Nordisk Foundation).

Impact by Design: The Power of a Systems Life Cycle Approach

Moderator: Kathryn Graham (Alberta Innovates)
Speakers: David Sweeney (UKRI), Terry Rachwalski (Alberta Innovates), Tina-Marie Assi (Grand Challenges Canada)